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Company profile

We. ALKOON for Electronic & Electrical Supplies, are one of the most well known companies in Libya, providing various electrical and electronic equipment for the Libyan industries and organizations from the most famous and reliable companies, around the world.

In business since 1989, our primary mission is to supply and provide the best possible services to our clients hand in hand with our Manufacturers and Suppliers of our products.


Power Quality Solution

Critical Services and Processes need safe, reliable power

As a Big part of ALKOON's power solution we provide the market with the most reliable, State of the Art UPS SYSTEM (uninterrupted power supply) insuring power availability of up to 99.9999%, the equivalent of just seconds of downtime per year.

 ALKOON is the official business partner of the pioneers of the electrical grid, GE General Electric.

GE General Electric has spent the last 110 years ensuring power system reliability. Our technology delivers superior performance and industry-leading energy efficiency for facility backup power management. We help ensure that mission critical equipment and processes are protected and uninterrupted by power system anomalies

When downtime is not an option nothing short of the world leader is acceptable for ensuring uninterrupted power

Power quality Portfolio:




The management and personnel of ALKOON co. are dedicated to providing our clients with a superior level of services regardless of size of the project.

Our team consists of experienced, trained Engineers commited to delivering projects on time, every time with a   24 7 service & support.

Our Service protfolio consists of:services

  • Pre-sale services
  • Installation services
  • After sale services



ALKOON has found over the years that there has been an increase in demand for short to medium term installation of UPS systems as well as generators. On this basis, ALKOON has invested in and built up a variety of UPS & Generator rental systems to meet this requirement in the event of an urgent basis.


Our Clients

 We have a string of impressive references;